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Nokia N95 Secret Codes

IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity)

Firmware version and date, Phone Model and Operator Variant

Life timer (W A R 0 A N T Y) - The amount of time your phone has spent sending and receiving calls.
Wireless MAC Address (M A C _ W L A N)
Bluetooth MAC address (B T A 0?)

Format phone (R E S 0 ?)

Factory Reset (R S T 0 ?)

Format phone restores phone to as if it was out of the box. Retains firmware version and operator Variant changes but wipes all applications you have installed. Does not format the memory card so any apps on there may reinstall once powered back up again.

Another way to format some symbian phones: Power off phone. Press and hold Green, * and 3 and keep them held whilst powering on and for a few seconds after.

Factory Reset resets all settings to defaults but keeps any applications you have installed and photos etc. Both need the Security code, which, by default, is 12345.

N95 picture viewer:
2 – Scroll up (when zoomed)
4 – Scroll left (when zoomed)
5 – Zoom in (12.5%/25%/50%)
6 – Scroll right (when zoomed)
8 – Scroll down (when zoomed)
0 – Zoom out

Press and hold (in Standby):
Right selection key: Voice commands
Multimedia Key: Now Playing
1: Voicemail
2-9: shortcuts to address book you need to set up first
0: Web
#: Switches between General and Silent modes - not supported by all Operator Variants (when composing messages will switch between character and number input when held down)

12# (etc) in standby will dial the number held in location 12 on your SIM address book.

BlackBerry Curve 8520 Is Not a Real Berry

Despite earlier erroneous reports, the BlackBerry Curve 8520, and in fact, the entire line of BlackBerries, are not real fruit. They can be fixed easier than a real berry though, if they’re taken for repair into your nearest CPR.
If you’ve ever seen a bushel of blackberries smashed on a sidewalk, or even blueberries or raspberries for that matter, you probably know enough that salvaging such a fruity mess is a lost cause.
 You might be able to eat a few, or bake a sorry pie, but any grand plans you might have had for your berries is probably past-tense. Before you’d heard of CPR repair shops, you might have despaired of any repair even for your BlackBerries, including the BlackBerry Curve 8520. But let’s get one thing straight from the get go – you can take your BlackBerry, even your Curve 8520, into your nearest CPR repair shop, and if it’s not a real berry, our expert service technicians are going to be able to fix it – if it’s repairable.

Please ignore those reports of BlackBerries not being smartphones at all – but genuine berries. Yes, you might have “picked” your BlackBerry, but think back. Did it come off a bush? Chances are that it didn’t. Did you try to eat it after sprinkling bits of broken BlackBerry all over your breakfast cereal? Let’s hope you didn’t, or you’ll need your stomach pumped out mighty fast, cheerio!
In fact, the BlackBerry smartphones should never be placed atop your cereal, it says so right in the warranty if you still happen to have one. These smartphones are not edible. Eating them is seldom, if ever, advisable. If someone has taken a bite out of yours, believing erroneously the rumors that have been circulating, it’s your patriotic duty to take it to be fixed, or else restored to a relatively pristine condition, and if that warranty has expired or else can’t be found, your destination should be to your nearest CPR shop where one of our expert service technicians is waiting to serve you.
A smartphone with a piece of its LCD screen bitten off can be dealt with. Don’t get hysterical. Control yourself. The crime dog was talking about taking a bite out of crime in that radio spot, not a bite out of your BlackBerry. Isn’t it a crime that your device has been bitten? It may well be. But these things happen. It’s time to move on, and at CPR you can make your BlackBerry Curve 8520 whole again.

Types of mobile phone repair services for your handset.

Mobile phones are backbone of this centuryĆ¢€™s communication. If the mobile phones face some problems, the world comes to a halt for many of us. If you are facing such inconvenience, you do not need to worry as the mobile repair solutions are provided for all types of problems in the mobiles.
You can get the phone unlocking services, Nokia screen repair services, language setting problems and all other kinds of problems related to the mobile phone solved with the help of mobile repair providers. These providers not only give repair solutions to individuals but also to the network operators, insurers, small mobile repair service providers and manufacturers.
You can avail the best of repair solutions and can relish the uninterrupted communication. No matter how complex or basic the repair needs of your phone is, these professionals take care of the problems efficiently. Broken LCDs, microphones, speakers and charging points are fixed professionally. You can also seek help in complicated repairs like that of software upgrading and phone motherboard repairs. Extensive phone repairs services can be undertaken at the corporate and domestic level for your convenience.
You need not fret if the problem relating to your mobile phone is a complicated one. The mobile repair service providers can bring the phone to life with the effective services. The repair services for all kinds of handsets are taken care without any hassles. The use of latest technology and equipments allow the professionals to track the fault in the phone and repair it quickly. Diagnostic feedback can be obtained within some time with complete efficient services for your phone.
You can avail the repair solutions for your handsets at competitive prices. You can get the repair quotes for the repair of your handset by giving in the details online. These repair quotes let you choose the services fitting your pocket and mobile needs in the best possible way. You do not have to burn a hole in your pocket for getting your phone fixed now, all you have to do is fill in the repair form online and get the quotes for getting the phone fixed by the best service provider.
You can get various services in mobile phone repairs. You can get the language setting of your phone changed with the assistance of the mobile repair service providers. The companies that are indulged in buying stocks around the globe need different language settings in the handset. You can get the language settings changed in different languages with ease now. The language setting of your handset is changed according to your requirements at affordable prices by these service providers.
The insurers can also avoid the underwriter scams by the help of the legitimate mobile repair service provider. Effective and proficient solutions for the insurers are provided by these companies. Swap policies for these insurance are arranged that lets the insurers get away without getting fleeced with deals with the clients. Avail different mobile repair services for getting your phone fixed without any hassles.
Find more information relating to nokia screen repair, and phone unlocking here.

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