Monday, 1 March 2010

All Hardware Solution & Diagrams of Samsung in one pack

All Hardware Solution & Diagrams of Samsung in one pack

Hi friends today I am here with some very useful links of all Samsung Mobile Phones Hardware Solutions. The more interesting thing is that all diagrams, solutions are absulotely free. So download the required file and enjoy


Samsung Hardware repair tools

This BOX contain solution Schematics for Samsung phones like Charge, LCD, Speaker, MIC Diagram Jumpers Pin outs. MP3, Bluetooth, LCD, SIM, MIC, Buzzer solutions etc. Supported series are : C-D-E-X series


How to Unlock Samsung E250D, J700, G600, D900

This box contains unlock codes for Samsung E250D, J700, G600 & D900. Through these codes phone can be easily unlocked.


Samsung SGH i-750 Schematics

This is collection of all repair solutions schematics for Samsung SGH i-750 phone like Bluetooth, RF, Memory, TVOut, and Chip IC references.


All Samsung Keypad Solutions

Download all Samsung mobiles keypad solution Schematics and make your Samsung mobile working keypad see list for supported phones.


Samsung U600 Secret Codes

This BOX contain lot of secret codes which works on Samsung U600 mobile.


Samsung Mobiles Firmware

Firmware of Samsung phones in various International languages and also original firmware for your Samsung phones.


How to upload Java Games on Samsung

This Step-by-Step Tutorial tell you How to upload java games on most Samsung Phones like SGH series and


Samsung C, D, E, N, S, T, X Mobiles Hardware solutions

Nice collection of hardware solution for Samsung mobiles, like MIC, Keypad both, Camera, LCD, Speaker, Charging, Antenna Switch, Network Problem,  System Failure and all solution for given series phones.


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