Sunday, 29 December 2013

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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Latest update to Microsoft's multimedia interface

DirectX is a package of special libraries developed by Microsoft that attempt to improve and optimize audiovisual performance on your system.

Enhances 3D graphics

These DirectX drivers enable you to make the most of modern graphic cards with 3D capabilities, which makes them generally advisable for multimedia tasks and an absolute must-have for gamers – in fact, DirectX is usually a compulsory requirement to install certain games.

Easy to install

Installing DirectX on your computer is as easy as launching the executable file, which in turn will download some necessary components from the web. Then just follow the wizard's instructions and you're done. This installer will keep you updated with any 9.0c and previous versions of Direct X. Direct X 11 is not available as a standalone download, but is downloaded as part of installation processes. Note that, when installed, this new version will overwrite any other previous versions you may have of Directx.

An essential gaming component

DirectX is an indispensable package of drivers and libraries to achieve an optimal level of performance in games and multimedia on your system.

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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Most Common Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems, Solutions

Problem 1:Galaxy S4 WiFi Keeps On Dropping

 This is common problem of Samsung galaxy s4 . Its tow main solution 

  turn off WiFi Power saving mode

 1. Launch phone dialer 
 2 . *#0011#
 3 . Choose menu ,than WiFi 
 4 . Set WiFi power save mode to off

    Keep WiFi On Always

 1 .  Go to Settings.
 2 .  Choose Connections, then tap Wi-Fi.
 3 .   Tap the Menu key.
 4 .  Set keep WiFi on during sleep to on 

problem 2:  Deletes Email After Reading 

Many new owners of Galaxy S4 reported that their email messages were deleted right after they have finished reading them. Others say once they close the email app, all messages would be gone by the time they open the application again. It didn’t make sense at first, but after several complaints, things became clearer and clearer that the problem wasn’t in the Galaxy S4 per se.
This problem only happens when the email account is also setup in other machines like a computer where the email client was set to download all emails without leaving a copy on the server. Depending on what kind of email client you use in your computer


  • Launch Phone Dialer.
  • Dial *#0011#
  • Choose Menu, then WiFi.
  • Set WiFi Power Save Mode to Off

  •

    #9. Galaxy S4 WiFi Keeps On Dropping

    This problem is also common. In fact, it was also very common on the previous flagship, Galaxy S3. Fortunately, the problem is not serious in Galaxy S4. There are two potential solutions to this problem:
    Turn Off WiFi Power Saving Mode
    1. Launch Phone Dialer.
    2. Dial *#0011#
    3. Choose Menu, then WiFi.
    4. Set WiFi Power Save Mode to Off.
    Keep WiFi On Always
    1. Go to Settings.
    2. Choose Connections, then tap Wi-Fi.
    3. Tap the Menu key.
    4. Set Keep Wi-Fi On During Sleep to On.


    Wednesday, 11 December 2013

    Nokia Lumia 920 Solutions for The Top 5 Issues

    problem 1: Battery Problem

    user of nokia lumia 920 complain that ell phone drain battery rapidly Nokia Lumia 920 also has a battery problem
    Battery drain  Solutions
    1. Check if any background process stuck or not. A stuck process easily drains your Lumia 920 battery.
    2. Disable apps you aren’t using: like  Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, mobile data, etc.
    3. Should be reduce screen brightness.

    problem 2:Shutdown Continuously

    Nokia lumia 920 user complaint randomly switches off when we use. This is also a common problem for the Lumia 920.

    Shutdown Solution

    1. First off all to do a soft reset by holding down the Volume Down and Power buttons together until the phone vibrates three times.
    2. And than the soft reset fails,  try a hard reset (Camera + Volume Down + Power buttons at the same time). Hold all three buttons down until the phone vibrates then release power button and hold volume down and camera for a further five second. But when you hard reset your cell phone your all data will be deleted because hard reset is like factory reset..

    problem  3: heating

    Some user complaint that Nokia lumia 920 is overheating after a short  time (20 minutes to 1 hour ). Overheating is  general issue for most smartphones.
    Overheating Problem Solutions
    1. Check the running tasks by pressing the back button for long so as to close all running processes.
    2. When the Lumia 920 handset performs some programs that needs searching for permission to use location services, it may cause the Lumia 920 overheating problem. Try to launch every program you installed one by one and accept the terms and conditions.

    Problem 4: Blurry Photos

    Lumia 920 is famous for its photographing. But the blurry pictures taken by the device may annoy you.
    1. If you use camera shutter key, then you should first half press the camera shutter key and wait till camera locks focus on the scene.
    2. If you take pictures by tapping on screen, then you should tap on the part of screen where you want to focus, then take the photo.

    Problem 5: Lumia 920 Freezes

    Nokia Lumia 920 freeze when people use the bluetooth headset or Wifi .A conman problem complaint 
    Possible Solutions
    1. Some users encountered with this problem after installing Viber. Uninstalling Viber might solve user’s freezing problem.
    2. Some users point out that when the WiFi or Bluetooth is on, it may freeze and the battery may drain very quickly possibly due to large amount of data transfer. So you can try turn off the WiFi or Bluetooth and see if it helps.
    3. If you still cannot figure out what the problem is, you can try a hard reset (Camera + Volume Down + Power buttons at the same time).

    Sunday, 8 December 2013

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