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All Hardware Solution & Diagrams of NOKIA in one pack

All Hardware Solution & Diagrams of NOKIA in one pack

Hi friends today I am here with some very useful links of all Nokia Hardware Solutions. The more interesting thing is that all diagrams, solutions are absulotely free. So download the required file and enjoy


1202 Hardware Solutions

This Box contains lot of Nokia 1202 hardware solutions which are: light jumper diagram and MIC problem Jumpers
diagrams and pinouts, Light Problem, local Problem, Mic Problem,
Network Problem, Speaker Ways Problem


Nokia 1200-1208 pa Jumper

This solution pack contains Nokia Phones PA Jumper (Integrated Circuit) settings and diagrams.


Nokia 5110 &  6110 Pinouts

Connectors Pinouts for Nokia 5110 6110 like: VIN CHARGER INPUT VOLTAGE 8.4V 0.8A, CTRL CHARGER CONTROL PWM 32Khz, LCDRSTX - Reset (2,8V) etc.


Nokia 6280 Schematics

This tool  provides further technical repair information forNokia mobile phones on Level 3/4 service activities. It contains information such as 'Component finder', 'Frequency band table' or 'Antenna switch table' etc.


Nokia 7360 1200 1208 Jumper

This Box contain Nokia 7360-1200-1208 SIM IC (Integrated Circuit) Jumper PCB Circuit Layout Diagram. And the Second Box Contain Nokia 1200 1208 Local Mode or Test mode Problem solution Diagram.


All Nokia Hardware Solutions

This Huge collection contains solution
for  All Nokia phones such as Charging, BB5 White Screen, Antenna
Switch, Cable Finder, LCD Finder& MIC Solutions. see list for
supported phones.


All Nokia LCD's Keypad IC Solutions

This software (database) contain thousands of all Nokia phones LCD's Modules & its connectors pinouts diagrams with original pictures & also have Keypad IC (Integrated Circuit)Pinouts & diagrams.


All Nokia UFS-JAF Cables pinouts

All Nokia UFS-JAF phones cables pinouts with screen shots with Top view and Bottom Views. shows each pins detail
like Tx, RX, Clk, MBUS, VBUS, USB Power & more.


All Brand's Mobile Antenna Jumpers

This software BOX contain all
brands mobiles Antenna Jumpers diagrams and pinouts. also shows the image of any brand's mobile phone & more.


Nokia BB5 6233 Display Jumper

If your have no display or white display on Nokia 6233 just check these images & solve this problem easily.


All Nokia BB5 phones Signal Solution

If your any Nokia BB5 phone has Signal problem, then this utility make your phone usable again.


Nokia e50, e60, e61, e65 Hardware Solutions

This solution pack contain E60 Display IC jumpers, E61 blank LCD, E65 No Display and blank display, E65 white Screen Solution E60 without smps IC jumper solution. also Audio, Charge, Joy Stick & MIC solutions.


Nokia 6680, 6630 Jumpers/Schematics

This is collection of jumper and schematics for Nokia 6680 and 6630 phones like Keypad, Bluetooth, Power, No Display etc.


Nokia Cable Finder 2009

One Nokia Cable works with many handset instead one, through this software you can find that which same Nokia cable works with other Nokia Phone. also you can find your phone generation like DCTx, WD2, BB5 ASIC7.


Nokia GSM Repair Hints

Hardware Library for Nokia mobile phones, which contains Circuit Diagrams, Electronic Component list, for understanding & repairing the phones. Also Special Repair tricks for BB5 phones like Charge, IrDA, White Screen. see list for lot more solutions.


Nokia 1200, 1208, 1209 solutions collection

Nokia 1200, 1208 no power after full flash, dead solution, no charging solutions, no power with battery solution, power IC solutions, Integrated circuit checkers. also Light, Display, Charge, Keypad, SIM, Local Mode, Network, Audio.


Nokia 2630, 2600c Full Hardware Solutions

This box contain all solution schematics for 2630 and 2600c like MIC problem, Insert SIM solution, Camera jumper solution, Buzzer jumper Solution, Not Charging solution, Bluetooth jumper, Audio jumper solutions etc.


All Nokia BB5 'Not Charging' solutions

This Box contain "Not Charging" solutions schematics for all Nokia BB5 phones. if your Nokia bb5 phone is not charging with any reason then try this solution and make your phone reusable.


Nokia 7710 Solutions

This Pack contain various hardware solutions for Nokai BB5 7710 phone which are: MMC Ways, Keypad, Power Switch, IHF Speaker ways, SIM IC jumper, SIM Ways Shoting, Display IC jumper Solutions.


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